Japanese Sing-Along

In Japanese Sing-Along, we sing, sway, bounce, clap, tap, and dance with Japanese traditional and contemporary songs. 

You can not only have musical fun but also create a precious bond with your child through music-making!

This is for little children (0 month~) and their close grown-ups.

"In-Person" Japanese Sing-Along

Mang'Oh Yoga (322 E 39th St. NY, NY 10016)

Wednesday 4:50-5:30pm 

Monthly fee: $120 (four 40-minute classes)

Sibling fee: $80

Before signing up for the class, please read the following Covid-19 protocols carefully. If our in-person class is not appropriate for you, we invite you to sign up for our online class.

✻ We are limiting the registration this fall. The maximum number of families/children per class is 6. 

Only one adult per child can attend the class.

✻ The teacher is fully vaccinated. All the adults must be fully vaccinated to attend the class.

✻ All of the information we have right now says that wearing a facial mask is the best way to keep yourself, your children, and others safe. All the adults, including the teacher, and children over age 2 years must wear a facial mask during the class.

We truly appreciate your understanding!

✻ We comply with the official NYC guidelines about facial masks and vaccine.

In-person class may switch to online.

Japanese Sing-Along Online

Let's get together on Zoom once a week and have fun singing Japanese songs!!

Tuesday 6:00 - 6:30pm EST

Monthly fee: $60 (four 30-minute Zoom live classes)

Please pay the tuition via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal.

For questions, please contact

Yukiko Yoshida Mullen



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Through this class, we re-realized how fun it is to sing. Singing together with my son is strengthening our connection.

​My son was being a little shy at the beginning. Ms. Yukiko's advice "As long as mommy is singing, he is listening" encouraged me to keep on singing. Now my son sings even outside the classroom and enjoys participating the class.

We get many clues about how to make music creatively such as using things at home as instruments.  Ms. Yukiko gives us craft ideas related to the songs too. (February, 2021)


My two-year-old loves Yukiko sensei’s class! Amazing to see how many songs he picked up from this class. (February, 2021)

We just love this class so much! Ms. Yukiko is such a caring and energetic teacher. Our three year old looks forward to this class every week. Not only do we get to learn so many different Japanese songs, but she also introduces us to Japanese culture. What an amazing class! (March, 2021)

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Yukiko Yoshida Mullen


(469) 600-0901


Email/call/text us with questions and for a reservation!

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