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What is Music Together®?

Music Together® , started in 1987, is an internationally recognized and research-based early childhood music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, & kindergarteners and their caregivers. MT is based on the recognition that all children are musical: all children can learn to sing in tune and move their body on an accurate beat! We provide a musically rich, fun, playful, and developmentally age-appropriate environment to support children's growth.


In the class, there will be lots of singing, clapping, bouncing, tapping, wiggling, and dancing!!  The 45-minute-class is full of tunes and rhythms, where we all play with music. "Play" is the primary method that young children use to learn and grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and musically!


"Music Together with Yukiko was one of the best investments we've made in our son's education. He spent every week learning more about music, friendship, and creating beauty with others. - LC"


"Yukiko's joy is contagious and gorgeous to be a part of. She blessed my girls with the exposure to her Japanese culture. Konnichiwa everybody, so glad to see you! - KVH"


"My children were diagnosed with autism shortly after joining MT, which made it challenging for them to participate without becoming easily distracted or disrupting the class. Ms. Yukiko knew exactly how to help my children - encouraging their creativity and participation, and redirecting them when necessary. - KM"


"I learned just as much as my daughter did in MT classes. When I hear her sing or hum melodies on her own, I know it's due to the strong musical foundation Ms. Yukiko helped establish. - MM"


"I have had the pleasure of singing and making music with Yukiko with all four of my children. Her passion and love for what she does is unlike any class you will find!   If you have the chance to experience this magic with your children, I would highly recommend taking a class with Yukiko. - SS"


"If you are looking for the most fun music education for your little ones, look no further. Yukiko has the experience to back up the fun she brings to the Music Together classroom. She is happy and genuinely enjoys watching children (and their adults too!) grow in their musical expression.  I'm a much better singer than I was when I started Music Together with my eldest daughter several years ago. - AB"


"Miss Yukiko was our absolute favorite Music Together teacher.  We still sing the songs we learned in her class!  Her love of music and of families made us feel right at home.  Every week was full of connection.  I’m still impressed with the patience she exhibited with my toddler (who could never sit still).  We love her! – SH"


"Yukiko is the kind of teacher everyone wishes they had. As someone who doesn't consider herself a singer, I had a blast singing, dancing, and making music with my child and the class. - JF"


"As my daughter grows, I see how the foundational music lessons taught by Yukiko help aid not just her musical growth but language development! - AF"


"Yukiko is able to connect with all children and parents alike and always brings a creative and educational element to each class. - RG"


"Yukiko is so patient with the littles in her class that I am awe of her! Her love of music has given our son a love of music and dancing that continues to this day. - LW"


"Yukiko is an inspiration! She welcomed this scared new mom of 3 (2 yrs and under) into her class and gave her the confidence to sing, dance and be silly with the girls! She makes music fun for all ages!! I would take any and every class she has to offer...SHE is amazing!! - MM"


"Aside from her obvious vocal talent and expertise working with children, she exudes a genuine joy that just brightens the room. Her constant smile and the energy that she brings to each musical experience are contagious. When I think of the famous Julie Andrews (from Sound of Music), I think of Yukiko. – ALC"



🌻 Summer Session 🌻

Types of Music Together® classes are:

Mixed-Ages classes (for children from birth through age 5)


Babies classes (for babies under 8 months)


Rhythm Kids classes (for preschoolers and early elementary students age 4 through 8)



Please contact or call/text 469-600-0901 for details and the registration.

Hello Everybody App

Check out the free "Hello Everybody" app for iPhone/iPad or Android. It's an easy way for you to access your Music Together songs, whether you are at home or on the go! Log in with your Family Music Zone® account (or create a new one on the app) to get your songs into the app. Then, have fun singing and dancing along from wherever you are.

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Music Together® classes are taught through nine different Song Collections, plus three other collections for summer, all carefully designed to provide the children with a wide experience of different rhythms, scales, moods, styles and instruments.

Music Together® Songs

Music Together is known for "family music" which covers a variety of tempos, meters, and tonalities.

Hello Song
She Sells Sea Shells
All Around the Kitchen
Hey Diddle Diddle
Ridin In the Car
This Train
May All Children
Palo Palo

Contact US


Yukiko Yoshida Mullen

(469) 600-0901


Email/call /text us for questions, reserving a spot in a demo, and registering for a class!

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